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Travelling keep you healthy!

Published on Wednesday May 10th, 2017 by nadia

Everyone knows that good food, exercice, positive thinking…. are some clue keys to keep you healthy!

As Positive Health Wellness blog mention (, travelling is also a way to keep you healthy!

One more reason not to hesitate and book your flat and escape to the City of Light!!

Paris offers lot of storical sights to re/discover , fabulous parks where you can take time to relax.

If you fears the stress of big overcrowded cities, PARISFLALTIST advises you to come during the low season:November, February, October and AUGUST!!you will have the City quite only for you, allowing you to wander in the quaint streets of the capital, enjoying the real gastronomie and in the meantime you will come back from your trip in a healty condition!!!

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