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LA SEINE MUSICALE opens its doors with an inaugural concert of BOB DYLAN on 21st April

Published on Friday April 21st, 2017 by nadia

Situated in Boulogne Billancourt, in the south west of Paris near the famous “Bois de Boulogne”, l’Ile Seguin is a natural island in the middle of the Senne and is full of story: in 1684, a bridge is built, which crosses Seguin Island, allowing the royal procession to travel faster between the Versaille court and the city. From 1929, the Island becomes popular for being the home of the RENAULT factories during 63 years and finally close its door on 1992.

After a royal and industrial past, the Island Seguin has found a new calling after years of colossal work and has given birth to a Musical Island called ” LA SEINE MUSICALE”, a real architectural challenge: a silver shape that remains a big ship floating on the river.

It is dedicated to the classical music and destinated to be a high place for contemporary art and will have an international influence and attract near 7.000 spectators.

It host 2 concert halls:

theGrande Seine” devotated to major shows.

– the egg shape Auditorium with 6.000 place is a “vineyard”-type concert hall with world-leading acoustic standards. It is designed to host symphonic orchestra and contemporary music performances.

…but also business spaces, as well as the rehearsal and recording studio,stores, cafes and restaurants, which will be organised around the Great Hall….

The Seine Musicale opens officially on  Saturday 22d April (even if it is  already opened since 18 April to the visitors) and for that occasion a venue concert is organized with exceptional guest such as Sandrine Piau, Anaïk Morel, Accentus, Insula Orchestra and Laurence Equilbey. A programm rich in surprises!

In preview, on the 21st, a unique concert by Boby Dylan will make the event!

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